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Virtual Beer Tastings

Elevate your next meeting with a Virtual Beer Tasting from Your Beer Friend! Get ready for a fun and engaging event guided by our Certified Cicerone® featuring some of the greatest beer known to humankind (no exaggeration). 

No matter where your team or clients are, they can join in, bond over seasonal beers, and enjoy lively engagement.


Whether it's team building, client connections, or just a unique office event, our Virtual Beer Tastings add a unique element to corporate events. Let's raise a virtual toast to bringing your team closer, one sip at a time!

This sounds fun, tell me more...

virtual beer tasting event kit

What's Included?

• 4 fresh craft beers from top-rated global breweries.

• Tasting Glass

• Beer Coaster

• Optional food pairings

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Can I customize it?

Absolutely. We can add your company logo to the printed inserts. We can brand swag. We can customize the length of the tasting. We can do it all.

hal mooney certified cicerone®

How do I plan it?

1. Pick a date. 

2. We send out kits to all attendees across the US. 

3. We get together on Zoom / Webex / Teams and taste beer!

Book your beer tasting.

You can send us a request for more information below or book a time on our calendar on the left. 


We'll get back to you real soon.

Check out how we do 🍻

We've shared beers with terrific clients.

(And ciders, seltzers and zero-spirit beverages as well 😉)

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Prost! Celebrate Oktoberfest with your team or clients by hosting a virtual beer tasting featuring some of the world's greatest beers. All tastings are fun and engaging and hosted by a Certified Cicerone®. 

Booking starting September 1st. 

  • What is Virtual Beer Tasting?
    A Certified Cicerone® (like a beer sommelier) takes you and your attendees through an engaging tasting of four different beers and talks about flavor notes, food pairing suggestions, beer styles, beer service and anything else beer-related that the attendees are interested in knowing about.
  • How long is a beer tasting?
    Our tastings are usually about an hour, but we are happy to customize the length and shorten it to fit into any presentation you're giving.
  • What kind of beer is included?
    We usually include four different seasonal beers from top-rated craft breweries all over the world. Saisons, Lagers and Radlers in Summer. Doppelbocks and Double Chocolate Stouts in Winter.
  • How do you pick the beer?
    Honestly, we drink a lot of beer and pick beers from the best breweries around the world. We only include beers from independent producers that make delicious beer that we actually like to talk about. You can also request beers and we're happy to accommodate.
  • Can I put a date on hold?
    Absolutely. Just send us a message (below) and we're happy to put a date on hold for you.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Nope, we'll send you an invoice once we have the confirmed headcount and delivery addresses. Payable via cc, ACH or even check if you really need to. Easy.
  • What lead time to you require?
    We prefer two weeks lead time before your event, but honestly, we could probably plan one for tomorrow if you have a budget that can accommodate overnight shipping.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount of attendees?
    Yes, we have a 10 person / $800 minimum before shipping. We don't have a maximum. The largest virtual event we've done (so far) was for 284 people and it went great.
  • Do you have gluten free or non-alcoholic options?
    Yes. And they're delicious. For attendees who prefer gluten free options, we have a selection of cider, hard kombucha and seltzer that we work work. And for NA options we have non-alcoholic beer, adult soft drinks, and other zero alcohol options that are surprisingly tasty.
  • How do we get the addresses to you?
    Send us a spreadsheet is the easiest way. We have a template that we can send to you to make sure all of the relevant fields are filled.
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